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The university and the ZiF are located to the west of Bielefeld town center. The ZiF is a short walk away from the main university building. The ZiF complex of buildings, situated on a hillside of the Teutoburg Forest, offers tranquil surroundings for undisturbed studies. Additionally, the proximity of the university facilitates contacts with scientists of university departments and institutes, with the central library, the computer center, the labs, and other institutes, all within easy reach.

Research groups - usually one annually - form the core of ZiF's activities, and their members live and work together at the ZiF. Apart from single apartments, apartments for large and small families are also available. In the upper foyer of the main building there is a TV set equipped with a video recorder and DVD. There is also a children's playground. A shopping center as well as schools and kindergartens are within walking distance. If you bring your children, let us know their ages so we can send you further information about schools.

Buses going into town stop on the main road just below the ZiF and outside the university main building where you can also take the tram.

Office hours at ZiF are from 7:30 am to 4 pm on Mondays to Fridays. You will be handed the keys for your apartment by the ZiF administration. In case you arrive outside office hours, let us know in good time so that we can make special arrangements.

Travelling to the ZiF

From Bielefeld's main station you can either take a taxi to the ZiF (approx. 10 mins, 15 €) or take the underground tram line 4 (destination Universität or Lohmannshof). From the tram stop Universität you can reach the ZiF by walking up the hill behind the main building of the university. During the day, a Bus goes from Bielefeld Hauptbahnhof three times per hour straight to the ZiF.

Route from tram stop to ZiF